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We provide trusted Facebook accounts for successful advertising campaigns.

Account information:
- Accounts of real users only. Not a brute, not a farm. Real users only
- All of the accounts are at least 2 years old (most of them 5+ years)
- You connect to account via RDP. It takes less than a minute to launch your first campaign
- Accounts of any country of the world
- Only A++ class proxy which equals to the location of the user

Price includes the browser and the proxy. Everything is settled up an account is verified by phone

How it works:
- Your access to the account via RDP. Browser and proxy is build-in no additional expenses for it
- You can use only in this way, it is a guarantee that the account will live long.
- It takes less than a minute to start using the account

Egypt, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Pakistan, Turkey, Philippines, Venezuela, Algeria
Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
The rest of the world

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