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The Nuts and Bolts of CPA Marketing

For centuries, companies have sought for the best ways to make their product known to potential customers. With the advent of the Internet, marketing is being molded by the most efficient methods of generating revenue that the newest technologies are able to offer, all the while helping companies enabling companies to get the best bang for their bucks. Enter CPA marketing. CPA, or “cost per action”, is kindling enthusiasm not only amongst CPA networks interested in putting their products out on the market but also for ordinary individuals, who are provided a lucrative business opportunity from the comfort of their homes, often by writing about what they love.

Cost per action means just that – a particular sum of money paid out to content creators each time a desired action is performed. This amount may range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the CPA network. This differs from CPL, or cost per lead, in which case money is paid out for suspected customers, as opposed to CPA programs, where the deal is already done.  Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising and hiring sales reps, companies are pleased to know that they are only paying money when they get results. For instance, often you might receive a commission of five percent each time someone signs up to try out a weight loss product or requests or decides to order software development of an app for their business.

This type of marketing is nothing new. In fact, for decades stores like Macy’s have used this method to refer customers interested in affiliate products and services. Wal-Mart features such companies as Vonage which people can sign up with to receive VoIP telephone service to be able to call anywhere in the world via the Internet at  a low monthly rate. In order for someone to become a participant, what they’ll need to do is apply to a CPA network. CPA advertising is popular amongst those who like to work from their own homes on their own schedules, meanwhile enjoying a quick pay-out. There are many websites out there assembling CPA reviews for exactly those people. Find out which CPA networks pay the highest rates, provide the CPA offers that produce the most frequent conversions, and pay in a reliable, timely fashion. In order to become accepted by a CPA network, content creators normally have to pass an interview to ensure that the individual meets the necessary standards and that the venture with be fruitful for both sides.

Obviously, the way people funnel visitors to the ads is by putting out content related to it designed to drive traffic. This is done in various ways. One option is a review website with a particular niche. Assume that the individual is an expert in photography and regularly reviews various devices in that field. This usually allows the writer to feature a variety of CPA offers on his/her web pages. In other cases, a much lighter approach is taken. Especially when a particular product is well-known or is something people already frequently consume, a splash page might be a more suitable option. Just a couple of eye-popping graphics and some short, catchy phrases designed to convert the visitor right then and there. One can even use a quiz or a game to catch the guest’s attention. Different approaches work better in different scenarios. Yet another way to find customers for the CPA offers is a landing page or a sales page. This involves a lot of information leading the customer to a single, desired destination – the sale, whereas providing multiple, possible paths would not a good idea.

People who are interested in doing this don’t need to be professionals. One doesn’t have to be all that fancy at all; the objective is simply to produce conversions, regardless of how simply the way it is that they do that. There is no group of experts taking profits away from less experienced people. Instead, this is a business in which individuals join forces with various advertisers and CPA networks to achieve the same goal, to help those companies grow in their specific industries. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved and its potential only grows along with technology as more and more companies look to more innovative solutions of putting their products out in front of potential customers, meanwhile in this case, companies are getting exactly what they pay for, which, fortunately for writers, is usually fairly quick and does not require them to reside in any particular location.